Excess Death Stats

About Us

This website was launched in early 2023 as a collaboration between Monica Smit, founder of Reignite Democracy Australia and Clare Pain of Clarity on Health.

Monica has the creative vision, marketing flair and boldness and Clare has the statistical expertise. The project would have got nowhere without the help of talented and knowledgeable volunteers in the countries we have looked at.

The project began as an awareness campaign. The first question we asked was: how unusual was the 15.3% increase in deaths being reported in Australia for 2022? The answer was, very unusual. Nothing like it had been seen in 67 years. And to have two consecutive years of such high excess deaths (the comparable measure for 2023 is 10.4%) is unheard of, outside of wartime.

So far we have found an increase in the death rate in 2022 in New Zealand (10.6%), Denmark (7.8%) and the Philippines (a shocking 43%), but in Sweden the death rate was back at pre-pandemic levels in 2022 with no excess deaths. See our Sweden page for what we conclude about this!

The project led to the development of a standard way of estimating excess deaths that we use for every country we look at, sourcing the data from their official national statistics. We compare death rates (deaths per population) in 2022 with the average death rate for the five pre-pandemic years, 2015-2019.

Both Monica and Clare are busy with other projects, so we are limited in what we can do. But if you have the time and ability to do the analysis for your country (with help) please email us at research@excessdeathstats.com